Heather Mills

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Model 2Heather Mills is an activist charity campaigner and United Nations Association Goodwill Ambassador.  Heather recently appeared on the Hit US Television show Dancing with the Stars and donated all of her proceeds from the show to Viva!, (Vegetarians International Voice for Animals) to which Heather is a committed Patron and activist. Heather now lives purely on a plant based food diet as she is painfully aware of the brutal treatment of factory farmed animals in the UK and around the world.  Her interest in the benefits of holistic nutrition was first stimulated in 1994 when a strictly organic plant based raw diet healed a persistent infection in her leg where prescribed medicine had failed.  Fighting for the humane treatment of animals is now at the forefront of Heather's campaigning. She has received praise by both Viva! and Peta for her hands on approach helping to fight the animal cause.




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